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Friday, March 31, 2006

Family Ties: More Juicy Stuff.

Forgive my tardiness on following up with more excerpts of our Family Ties piece. You'll recall that we (Ethan, Jennifer Collins and I) posted the introduction and the first few sections of part I last week here and  here.  We now offer the next part of our analytic survey of where the state extends subsidies, privileges and benefits to the family through the criminal justice system here.  This section includes discussion about the use of familial evidentiary privileges, the consideration of family in the context of sentencing practices in the federal and state systems, and the way family ties and responsibilities play a role during the administration of prison time.  There's also a brief "meta-section" discussing the difficulty of isolating what should count as a subsidy or privilege to the family.  We invite constructive comments here or by private email.  Many thanks for your continued interest.

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