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Friday, February 10, 2006

Thanks, and a belated good-bye

Well, my guest stint here has come to an end (and in the hotel industry, I've gotten what's called a "late check-out").  Thanks to Dan and the other Prawfsblawgers for the invitation.  I've enjoyed my time here greatly.  Readers are, of course, welcome to visit me at my home blog, especially if you like "24."

I had wanted to blog some thoughts about teaching legal writing, but I was busy last weekend reading and evaluating student papers, and this week has been full of conferences with my students about their papers.  However, I may get around to blogging those thoughts at my own blog.  In the meantime, though, my special thanks to Dan for letting me stick around to this point.

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Our pleasure to have you!
Come back soon.

Posted by: Dan Markel | Feb 10, 2006 2:19:22 PM

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