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Friday, December 30, 2005

It's official: Snoopgate is now a DOJ file

Update:  I wasn't careful enough when I initially read the story in this post. This post has been updated. Thanks to Orin for the catch.

DOJ is now, according to unnamed officials, opening an investigation into the leak that gave way to the Snoopgate scandal.  Here's the AP report from the NYT.  Why am I not surprised that the story unfolds on a Friday afternoon before a sleepy winter holiday weekend? 

What I find odd about this is that the NSA requests the DOJ probe into the leak and yet the DOJ officials claim that they need anonymity to leak news of this probe into the leak due to the "sensitivity of the probe." Why exactly is the probe into the leak so sensitive that the DOJ officials won't make a public announcement on the record?

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