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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Times Select and Genocide

Many people have complained about the Times Select program's exclusion of non-subscribers from reading the NYT columnists, though some wiseacres have suggested it's all to the good since it will only increase the power of bloggers...I take no position on that.   I am chagrined, however, that Nick Kristof's recebt powerful writing on the ongoing genocide in Darfur is being screened out from the non-paying public view.  Thus, I share the sentiment of one blogger who posted Kristof's Sunday column here.  And today's column from Sudan (available here) reveals Kristof at his finest. Simple, smart, and outraged.  Make your voices known--do something about Darfur here.

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The NY Times online is way off mark with its decision to make Kristof's pieces on Darfur only available to Times Select subscribers. I try to imagine having to make that decision, that the best news on an ongoing genocide can only be read with a subscription...

This is the kind of news that should be read by all, forwarded, and forwarded some more. There is a time and place a profit, Darfur needs a voice.

Posted by: Nicholas Parker | Dec 4, 2005 12:45:25 PM

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