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Friday, November 04, 2005

Punkin Chunkin

If you're in DC and looking for something unusual to do this weekend, you might want to check out the 20th annual Punkin Chunkin World Championship.  What exactly is punkin chunkin?  Well, I'd say it's a cross between the Great Pumpkin and Battle Bots.  Located in Millsboro, Delaware, about 2 1/2 hours from the nation's capital, the Punkin Chunkin Championship is a three-day festival including music, a chili contest, and massive machines hurtling pumpkins into the lower ionosphere.  Here are the team photos from last year's competition, and this page also includes some movies.  The competition began this morning but runs through Sunday afternoon.  And if you can't make it this year, you can check out T-shirts here and videos of past Chunkins here.

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