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Monday, November 07, 2005

Meat Market: Waiting

I agree with Dan that many interviews are scheduled within two weeks of the conference.  In extraordinary cases, you might get the callback at the conference (and be wined and dined by the committee in D.C.).

However, I have heard of many candidates getting calls in January and February -- even as late as March.   Often this means you are not the school's top choice and their first-round of candidates didn't work out.  But sometimes it may simply mean that schools are working out budget issues, curricular needs, etc.

I recently heard a story of a professor who was offered a tenure-track position at a top 5 school in April.    I have to assume that her callback did not come until the Spring.

I have also heard stories about candidates accepting offers, and then receiving calls from better (higher-ranked) schools late in the process (e.g., March).  Here I would use the old cliche -- a bird in the hand is worth two in the  bush. 

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