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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hofstra L. Rev. introduces "Ideas" section

The Hofstra Law Review (sorry, Dan, I just can't write "Hawfstra" yet) has published its first set in a new section of pieces called "Ideas."  Commentaries in this section will be three to ten pages long with minimal footnotes.  In his introduction to the first collection, my colleague Mark Movsesian notes that Ideas pieces will generally be "brief observations on important legal questions."  He notes that the section is in many ways a hearkening back to past, when law reviews generally published much shorter articles.  But there are current corollaries as well. Mark makes the following observation about legal blogs:

To some degree, Internet blogs have begin to fill the need for short legal commentary.  Blogs can be valuable additions to scholarly discourse, but they also have their own drawbacks.  They are ephemeral, they sometimes lack academic rigor, and they are easily lost in the vastness of the blogosphere.  What is needed is a space for brief, but careful, treatments of legal subjects in a medium that readers can readily find and preserve.

The first edition is quite impressive.  There are pieces by Daniel Farber on standing, Jonathan Macey on this summer's Disney case, Ronald Rotunda on legal ethics, and new Hofstra dean Aaron Twerski on drug advertising.  (I'll be writing on Macey's provocative commentary later today.)  And in a savvy move, the Review has put all of these pieces online.  In fact, the whole Summer edition is online.  You can find all the Ideas pieces, as well as an article by Eugene Volokh on same sex marriages and a student note on nastiness at Google, here.

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