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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


We all know that the Evangelicals and the Jews are in bed together, facilitating the U.S.'s Israel-friendly policy.  Of course AIPAC is powerful for a series of reasons -- but the Zionist agenda is possible, in large measure, owing to Christian Zionism on the Religious Right.  That may be a controversial idea, but a kernal of it must be true.

Now I'm generally ambivalent about the Anti-Defamation League.  I dislike anti-semitism and hate as much as the next guy (and, really, how could anti-semitism benefit me), so find the ADL's work mostly worthwhile.  Still, I think the ADL can also be hyper-sensitive about anti-semitism in particular (while being less than hyper-sensitive about other forms of hate and discrimination); and I've concluded that being hyper-sensitive about anti-semitism is especially bad for the Jews -- and can only lead to more anti-semitism.  I'll leave that argument for another day.

Ruchira Paul has just alerted me to an interesting article in Salon about how the ADL and the Union for Reform Judaism is beginning to speak out against Evangelicals for their support of the destruction of the wall between Church and state.  Abraham Foxman, ADL's leader, is now vocally criticizing his friends on the Religious Right.  Will they withdraw support for Israel, leading Republicans to adopt a less Israel-friendly foreign policy?  Stay tuned!

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Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge that the post is really not a serious attempt to understand the relationship between Jews and the Christian Right. Of course Jews tend to vote Democrat (though Mike Bloomberg and Rudy did pretty well among those New York Jews -- and it can't be denied that a large number of active Jews vote on the Israel issue). Still, I do think there is a very complex story to tell about how Evangelicals contribute/d to the American government's Zionism.

Posted by: Ethan Leib | Nov 30, 2005 8:49:34 PM

"We all know that the Evangelicals and the Jews are in bed together, facilitating the U.S.'s Israel-friendly policy."

You forgot to mention the Vatican-Masonic-Jewish-Protestant conspiracy planning its takeover of the world from its secret headquarters in the Himalayas.

I heard the story of Rabbi Foxman's comments on the radio. It's a tempest in a teapot. Conservatives support Israel because it is an island of democracy and civilization in a sea of tyrrany and barbarism. It is a secular view not a religious one. If orthodox Christians have any view about Jews as a religious group it is 1) that God will never forsake them because they are His chosen people and therefore 2) they will accept Christ before Judgment Day and thus be saved.

Posted by: nk | Nov 29, 2005 8:14:12 PM

We all know that the Evangelicals and the Jews are in bed together, facilitating the U.S.'s Israel-friendly policy.Is this some sort of sarcastic statement? I assume it is, but I suggest you clear it up because it is not apparent from the post.

If it is not sarcastic then I don't know what to say: reference to "the Jews" as if they are some sort of monolithic group that all thinks the same is absurd and offensive. MOreover, most of "the Jews" I know have quite a bit of animosity towards Evangelicals and the American Taliban. Indeed, as I am sure you know, Jews vote disproportionately against REpublicans, and W. is not exactly Mr. Popular with most jews in this country (and even in Israel where Pres. Clinton is still much more popular despite the perception (that is wrong) that W. has somehow been great for Israel).

Posted by: Jews 4 Allah | Nov 29, 2005 3:39:09 PM

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