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Friday, November 04, 2005

24 Quinnipiac L. Rev. 1

My article, On Collaboration, Organizations, and Conciliation in the General Theory of Contract, 24 Quinnipiac L. Rev. 1, is up at Lexis here.  It is a revised version of the SSRN draft available here.  This article is the first in print to cite to PrawfsBlawg and a discussion we had about this paper.  So that's something, I suppose.

While I'm at it, I posted some drastic revisions to my paper on jury decision rules here.  Again, the blogosphere's discussion of the paper led to some very important revisions.  Presenting it at UC-Davis in person last week led to the most substantial revisions, however.  I mention this only as proof that web-based workshops can't really substitute for in-person presentations.  There's more to do on it still, so if you have comments please e-mail them to me soon, as I must finalize the draft in the coming weeks.

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