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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who's Next After Greenspan?

In all of the blogospheric hubbub about Harriet Miers last week, you may have missed some news about another important presidential appointment coming down the pike.  Alan Greenspan's appointment as Chairman of the Federal Reserve ends January 31, 2006, and the search for his replacement is ongoing.

Last week the president told the press that he wanted someone "independent from politics" and hinted that he may look for someone outside of the expected candidates.  One report noted that the president "has made it clear that he wants a person with whom he has some personal rapport, as he did when he nominated Miers."

Hmmm.  Someone with whom he has personal rapport.  Someone with banking experience -- maybe even someone who was a bank director.  Someone who also has experience in the exciting information technology sector.  Someone who can comfortably handle international relations and business in foreign markets. 

"Hey, Neil -- how'd ya like to run the Fed?"

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