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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Moving to a New Address


I’m moving to a new blog called Concurring Opinions.


If you’ve enjoyed my posts here, I hope you will join me at Concurring Opinions. I’ve had a wonderful time blogging at PrawfsBlawg. Blogging has been so fun and fulfilling in large part because of the great readership at PrawfsBlawg.  Your comments have been intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful, and I have enjoyed and learned a lot from you.  That’s why I hope you visit me at Concurring Opinions and post comments.  So please stop by. 

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How fitting - Daniel concurs in the judgement while I respectfully dissent. ;)

Posted by: Simon | Oct 5, 2005 2:51:26 PM

Dan, I'll definitely join you (like it or not! :-)), especially since you've added an RSS feed. One question though: who are you concurring with?

Posted by: Bruce | Oct 5, 2005 2:04:32 PM

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