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Friday, October 21, 2005

Miers Again

I do not support the confirmation of Harriet Miers.  As I have said previously, it is possible that she will prove her doubters wrong at her confirmation hearings (if this nomination gets that far); but based on her credentials and everything we yet know about her, I don't see any reason to expect her to do so.

Nevertheless, I am fairly disgusted by the portrayals of her in the media and among the punditry.  It is true that by allowing herself to be nominated she set herself up for some of the mockery.  But the truth is that this nomination reflects more on Bush than it does on her.  The nastiness that has been unloaded on a woman who seems perfectly intelligent, accomplished, dignified, and pleasant, is just uncalled-for.

Mind you, there's nothing wrong with a few jokes here and there at the expense of a public figure like Miers; it is certainly fair game to deride Bush for this nomination; and it is reasonable to question her suitability for the job.  But do we really need to make a sport out of this?  Have we no shame, no civility?

Indeed, although I intended my earlier post about her hyperbolic thank-you cards to be in the spirit of a quick joke, I now regret posting it; I do not want to be associated with the cackling chorus that delights in taking down a woman who does not appear to deserve it.

Her credentials, abilities, and suitability for the position (or lack thereof, as the case may be) ought to speak for themselves.  There's no reason to debase ourselves and embarrass her.

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