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Friday, October 14, 2005

More job search advice: the candidate questions

An important but neglected part of the AALS job search process is the time when candidates get to turn the tables and ask questions themselves.  Toward the end of the thirty-minute initial screening interview, one of the committee members will turn to the candidate and say, "Do you have any questions for us?"  Be warned: you are always expected to have questions.  A candidate who says, "No, I think you covered everything," will invariably be seen as shallow or unprepared.  So it's important to have a few insightful questions prepared ahead of time.  That being said, there are definitely some topics to avoid.  Here is a list of ten questions it'd probably be best to avoid while on the job market:

10.  Do we really get summers off?  I'd "rather be fishing," as they say!

9.  I'm planning on doing some research into enforcement issues after the Raich decision.  Do you think I could get funding for UV lamps?

8.  Are your students hot?

7.  Can I bring my pet Tarantula to school?  His name is Freddy.

6. Do you mind if I blog about this interview?

5.  There's no school policy against having a mini-bar, is there?

4.  Are you wearing a toupee?

3.  I'm sorry, could you repeat the question?  I was just thinking about how much I would hate to work with you all.

2.  What is that enchanting scent you're wearing?

1.  Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

Further suggestions welcome in the comments.

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