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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Teaching Market Advice

Brad Wendel (law, Cornell) has a very thorough collection of tips for candidates on the law prof teaching market as well as some links to blog posts (including some here at PrawfsBlawg) with advice for those on the market.

Hat tip: Brian Leiter

Click on the continuation for links to previous PrawfsBlawg posts on law teaching market advice.

PrawfsBlawg Law Teaching Market Advice Posts

-- Dan Markel on Hiring Committee Chairs

-- Kaimi Wenger on Publishing while Practicing (I)

-- Kaimi Wenger on Publishing while Practicing (II)

-- Lior Strahilevitz on Law Prof Hiring

-- Bernie Meyler on Food and Drink During Law Teaching Job Interviews

-- Marcy Peek on Getting Through the Hiring Process

-- Orin Kerr on Job Talks

-- Daniel Solove on Job Talks

-- Dan Markel on Getting a Prawf Job

-- David Zaring on Geographic and Travel Issues

-- Ethan Leib on AALS Interviews

-- Ron Wright on Job Advice

-- Paul Horwitz on Teaching and Specialization

-- Dave Hoffman on Pre-Hire Scholarship with a Conservative Viewpoint

-- Daniel Solove on Adding Information Privacy Law to One's Course List

-- Douglas Berman on the Most Under-Taught Courses in Law Schools

-- Daniel Solove on Lateral Hiring

-- Jennifer Collins on the Meat Market

-- Paul Horwitz on the Meat Market

-- Jennifer Collins on Teaching Market Advice

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Let me be the first to voice the voiceless cry of the masses for Kami's promised Part III :-)

Posted by: Paul Gowder | Sep 8, 2005 2:05:58 PM

As someone chairing an Appointments Committe, I thought that piece (and the linked pieces I looked at) were really good.

Posted by: Joseph Slater | Sep 7, 2005 3:02:28 PM

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