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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Looting v. Finding: Update

This Salon story (highlighted by this irate blogger) suggests that the reason for the different captions for looting and finding groceries was related to context: "finders" merely took items floating away from a grocery  store; "looters" went into the grocery store.  Which, if it pans out, would seem to be a good explanation for the difference in captions.

I'll stand on my argument that taking necessary groceries isn't legally the same  as taking luxury items, and it isn't what folks think of when they think of looting.

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Snopes has comments from the photographers.

Posted by: Stuart Buck | Sep 3, 2005 10:19:41 AM

I absolutely agree with you. Given the circumstances in New Orleans, with no potable water, no food at all, and no medicine for the hundreds of people who were either injured during the hurricane or who have become sick from the diseases spreading in the water, a person who enters a grocery store or pharmacy and carries away only the necessary items bears no fault in my mind. Those, on the other hand, who enter electronics stores and clothing stores and who carry away TVs and CDs, those people are indeed stealing and it is unacceptable. It seems hard to fault someone for doing what is necessary to survive- and only that.

Posted by: Ali K | Sep 2, 2005 12:26:45 PM

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