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Monday, September 19, 2005

In search of movies, not films?

Since this blog is, at my insistence, not all and only law and politics all the time, I figured now would be a good time to plug (or at least say something about) a few movies about law and politics.  I just started a Netflix subscription with my osita, and our first two movies were Hotel Rwanda and Million Dollar Baby.  As you all probably know, the former's a harrowing and instructive movie about the Rwandan genocide, and the latter's a moving yet spare portrait of the dilemma of euthanasia told in the context of a boxer's rise from dysfunction and poverty to her fall in the ring at the hands of a dirty-fighting German pugilist.  Both are wonderful movies, and yet, both left me with a sense of unease, much the same way the recent movie, The Constant Gardener, did.  This last movie, which posits Big Pharmaceutical companies as a malefactor testing experimental drugs on Africans to save time in the labs finding a safer formula, will surely be of interest to Larry Ribstein's continuing study of the portrait of big business on film.   Maybe it's the weightiness of the subjects or the ponderous pacing of these movies, but the sense of dread that follows viewing these movies is (almost?) enough to make me insist that I challenge myself with nothing more ominous than Steve Carell's hair-ripping performance in The Forty Year Old Virgin.    

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