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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How about some criminal law questions for Roberts?

Thanks to Tom Goldstein's effective live blogging here, I see that my prediction that sentencing issues would not take center stage during the Roberts' confirmation hearings is proving accurate.  Indeed, the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned Judge Roberts on a wide array of topics for a very long day, and basic criminal justice issues received precious little attention. 

I am not surprised about the short shrift given to criminal justice issues in the Senators' questions, though it is a notable (and telling) omission given that a significant portion of the Supreme Court's docket involves criminal law issues. 

Since criminal law fans are not getting satisfaction from the Senators, perhaps we should just play along at home.  So, dear readers, I ask you to use the comments to suggest what criminal justice question(s) you would like to ask Judge Roberts.   And be sure to suggest good questions, because we now know that the Senators (or at least their staff) draw insights from the blogosphere:  as noted here by Orin Kerr, Senator Cornyn referenced this Volokh Conspiracy post by Jim Lindgren toward the end of today's hearing.

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This is worth discussing for the next confirmation hearing. How about the constitutionality of running background checks of Katrina victims evacuated to Utah and Colorado? as reported here Talk Left

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