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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Hiccup about the Summers Affair

Like Ethan, I also like to gripe about publishing outside the blogosphere.  This past summer I penned a review essay about two books about Harvard and the Summers debacle; though I haven't seen the hard copy yet, I was led to believe that it fronted the Jerusalem Post's Books section nearly two weeks ago.  I didn't link to the piece earlier a) because I actually didn't know when the review was coming out -- I had submitted it to my editor a few months ago and I only found out about its publication from a friend in Tel Aviv who read it; and b) because of the long lag time, it was published with a few out of date references that had to be changed (at least in the on-line version) and were changed just the other day.  While there were some other edits that happened w/o my knowledge, I can't make more excuses: it still -- in the main -- bears a passing resemblance to what I submitted...  Enjoy.

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