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Monday, August 22, 2005

Hello Again

Thanks to Dan & Ethan for allowing me to rejoin the blog.  I've had a good summer "off" (consisting of blogging at the Conglomerate, writing, and visiting scattered family units).

My first time here, as our loyal readers may recall, I posted about a variety of random loosely connected topics, including: Nikolai Chernyshevsky, Internet lawlessness, juries, corporate law and the Lord of the Rings, a possible SSRN/Google deathmatch, faking conservatism, Kelo, and then more Kelo.  It was fun; I got  hate mail!  I even made it onto Wikipedia.

This time around, I'll try to be more focused.  To do so, I've developed a list of rules that may help me to comply with Kaimi's on-topic/off-topic guidelines

  1. Only blog about Kelo when traffic is down;
  2. Never blog about privacy except when Dan Solove is on vacation;
  3. Try hard to resist self-referential posts that contain numbered lists;
  4. Don't criticize other bloggers, unless they aren't lawyers or legal academics, in which case, savage them;
  5. Don't blog about the first amendment unless Eugene Volokh is on vacation on a desert island without WiFi access;
  6. Avoid linking to my SSRN page (its been done before!) even though it is now clear that SSRN hits are quite valuable;
  7. Do mention Howard "the blawg daddy" Bashman often;
  8. Don't blog about law school rankings, ever.  He who shall remain unnamed has got it covered;
  9. Don't try to preempt other academic writing on a subject by merely by posting a short blog entry -- the rule is clear that preemption requires at least two major or five minor trackback entries;
  10. Always remember the key to success:  more cowbell.

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Welcome back. :)

Posted by: Simon | Aug 23, 2005 12:07:37 AM

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