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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A new anti-Roberts Ad

The liberal blogosphere has Some liberal bloggers have been pushing an advertisement intended to be "shown in red and blue states and put pressure on Senators around the country to oppose Roberts's confirmation."  The video link can be found here (click in the upper right-hand corner). 

The ad isn't subtle.   The theme is that if Judge Roberts is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, Christian children will be reading the Koran in Michigan public schools; Jewish children in Utah from the Book of Mormon; Muslim students in Brooklyn from the Torah.  To be generous, the claims made in the ad are somewhat fantastical.  The images of the children praying  are way over the top - - and when a map of America gets  hit hard with a gavel you have to laugh out loud.   

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Marty, I don't believe there is a "vast left-wing conspiracy" and I didn't say so. MyDD is a big, important blog and it was a featured story there. But, with the exception of some other minor blogs, it hasn't hit the other major constituent cites of the liberal blog action network, which have been focused on hurricane relief to a large degree in the last two days.

I'll correct the post.

Posted by: Dave Hoffman | Aug 30, 2005 6:50:24 PM

"The *liberal blogosphere* has been pushing" the ad?! Please. You link to *one guy* who is pushing it. I'm familiar with the liberal blogosphere -- indeed, I blog on it. And I'm not aware of any vast left-wing conspiracy to support this hyperbolic ad. But perhaps I'm not hangin' out with the right folks . . .

Posted by: Marty Lederman | Aug 30, 2005 6:16:14 PM

I just don't get what these people think they're going to achieve. Do they REALLY believe that if they can stop Roberts, Bush will nominate Larry Tribe? If not, I submit this is nothing more than an utterly cynical exercise in boosting NARAL's enervated coffers and membership roster. Bush promised another Scalia or Thomas. He did not deliver, and if the left would stop bleating for thirty seconds, they'd realize that Roberts is the best they're getting, which is precisely why most of the Senate Democrats are keeping the interest groups at arm's length.

If they really want to stop roberts, they should have PETA endorse him (that's usually enough to kill any cause stone dead), but again - I'm not sure what they think they have to go. the next Justice of the Supreme Court is NOT going to be Bill Brennan Jnr.

Posted by: Simon | Aug 30, 2005 3:43:52 PM

And the Ad is supposed to hurt Roberts? Frankly, it would probably do alot of good for _all_ students, regardless of religious affiliation (or lack thereof) to have read parts of all the Books mentioned. Sounds like "liberal" "multiculturalism" clashing with other brands of liberals.

Posted by: lyle | Aug 30, 2005 2:48:24 PM

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