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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

WiFi Worries

Talkleft has an interesting discussion about the dangers of insecure personal home wireless networks. (via CrimProf). She notes that, because internet activity is traceable to IP address, the authorities may first come after owners of insecure networks, who inadvertently allowed criminals to engage in illegal activity (such as downloading child p0rn) by mooching off of their wireless. Ouch!

I vaguely remember setting up my own home wireless network. It was a somewhat lengthy and frustrating experience -- as interactions with computers often are -- and I think that I ended up setting up a network without a password because that's the only way I could get the damn computers to see each other.

In light of Talkleft's comments, I'm going to revisit this situation.

Posted by Kaimi Wenger on July 6, 2005 at 10:07 AM in Information and Technology | Permalink


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I install wireless networks as part of my job. When I first started installing wifi 2 years ago, I never bothered setting the WEP. I am obviously going to have to go back to all those customers setting up some security now.

Posted by: Steve Porter | Jul 19, 2005 6:45:45 PM

Try setting up a wireless connection when it turns out your laptop's wireless card has stopped working.... That one stumped me for months.

Posted by: Bruce | Jul 6, 2005 10:49:50 PM

Just try not to convince my neighbors to put in a password or I'll have to go back to dial-up!

Posted by: m | Jul 6, 2005 10:46:16 AM

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