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Monday, July 11, 2005

Rotations, Redux

Just a quick word of heartfelt thanks to Marcy Peek and David Zaring, who have been with us the last couple weeks as guest-bloggers, and will be winding down in the next day or so.  We look forward to seeing you again on these pages.

As you know, there’s been lots of action here at Prawfs, notwithstanding the doldrums of the summer months.  First, we’re welcoming back on a more long-term basis the wise and funny voices of Paul Horwitz, Dan Solove, and Kaimi Wenger. 

Second, I’m very pleased to announce that Ron Wright will be joining us this week for two of the next three weeks (he’ll be interrupting his stay here for a long-planned and much deserved beach vacation with his family).  Ron is one of the leading sentencing law experts in the country, and the co-author of the best criminal procedure and sentencing law casebooks available (by my lights, and others).  Ron’s works in progress include studies of prosecutorial declinations and waivers of right to counsel.  You can access some of his publications here.  Ron teaches in North Carolina, at Wake Forest U’s law school, along with former guest-blogger Jennifer Collins.  By the way, we’re hoping another colleague of theirs, Bobby Chesney, will join these pages for a stint in the near future—Bobby’s been writing lots of interesting stuff on national security law the last few years.

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