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Friday, July 08, 2005

OK, OK, We Get It

Nice piece on the Washington Post web site about the rampant Rehnquist retirement rumors.  But what up with this?

* * * * *

"Next came hints that the real retirement would be that of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the petite opera lover President Clinton put on the bench in 1993.

Ginsburg and O'Connor are the only two female justices in history. Ginsburg, who stands about 5-feet tall, had issued a statement last week lamenting the retirement of her sister justice, saying she 'will sorely miss her support and guidance.'"

* * * * *

Leaving aside the fact that deathless glory awaits the person who can turn "petite opera lover" into some kind of catchphrase insinuating something or other, is there a particular reason the Post felt the need to point out in two separate paragraphs that Ginsburg is small?  Is there some significance I'm missing here?  Perhaps she's retiring due to height-related illness?  Or is it because she's grown frustrated with her inability to reach certain books in the Supreme Court library?  Or is it just a cute detail?  Call me a petite opera lover, but it looked strange to me.

Posted by Paul Horwitz on July 8, 2005 at 05:51 PM in Law and Politics | Permalink


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Uh... I think I gather that when Paul wrote "Call me a petite opera lover" he was outing himself as some kind of fan of RBG.

Or was this some sort of statement of fandom of opera performed by Little People? Or of brief operas? Or is Paul short, and loves opera himself?

It struck me as tin-eared anyway, that the article went for a thesis that RBG won't function as well on the Court without her predecessor female fellow justice. The fact that all of SOC's friends on the Court will miss her active presence and participation after she steps down should go without saying.

Posted by: Eh Nonymous | Jul 10, 2005 3:57:08 PM

I think the article writer likely just has a crush on her. I mean, a person who watches Congress is spoiled with the likes of Stephanie Herseth or Marie Landrieu; a Court watcher is rather stuck for choice. ;)

Posted by: Simon | Jul 8, 2005 6:05:28 PM

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