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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Blog -- Supreme Court Extra


A really interesting new blog has just appeared with many terrific law professor bloggers joining the blogosphere.  The blog is called Supreme Court Extra (hosted by ThinkProgress).  Here's a list of the law professor bloggers:

Samuel Bagenstos (Washington University)

Risa Goluboff (Virginia)

Oona A. Hathaway (Yale)

Brad Joondeph (Santa Clara)

Goodwin Liu (Berkeley)

Trevor Morrison (Cornell) (Trevor was previously a guest here at PrawfsBlawg)

Eduardo Penalver (Fordham)

Russell Robinson (UCLA)

Cristina Rodriguez (NYU)

Tim Wu (Virginia) (visiting Stanford)

For a complete list of bloggers at Supreme Court Extra, click here.   The recent addition of the Picker MobBlog which was born in June 2005, adds Randy Picker (Chicago), Doug Lichtman (Chicago), and Tim Wu (who is also at the Supreme Court Extra blog) to the blogosphere.   So without double-counting Wu, that's a total of 12 new law professor bloggers in the past two months. 

I guess I'll need to be updating the law professor blogger census soon.

Hat tip: Orin Kerr at the VC

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