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Friday, July 08, 2005

Brown Bag Blog Announcement: Conglomerate

Those crazy kids over at Conglomerate have just announced a really cool idea: They're hosting the (First Annual? First Semi-Annual?) Conglomerate Junior Scholars Workshop.

As described in the call for papers:

If you are sending out a scholarly article this fall on a topic that may be interesting to Conglomerate’s readers – such as corporate law, securities, contracts, tax, finance, trade, antitrust or law and economics – we would like to link to your paper and provide a forum for you to receive feedback on your paper before you publish it or present it at a job talk.

For junior scholars writing in those areas, that sounds like a great opportunity. (Too bad that my own nascent securities-law piece is in such embryonic form!) After all, it's a chance to get comments from Conglomerators Christine, Gordon, and Vic, plus exposure to comments from Conglomerate's high-quality readers (Larry Ribstein and Stephen Bainbridge are just a few of the academics who regularly comment on or link to Conglomerate posts).

(Plus, no one will mind if I come to this brown bag blog in my pajamas.)

I'll be seeing you all at the workshop.

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