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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blog Post --> Wash Post

Dogpoopgirl_2 I’m excited to report that one of my blog posts has become the basis of a newspaper article in the Washington Post.  The blog post, Of Privacy and Poop: Norm Enforcement Via the Blogosphere, concerns the story of a woman who was riding the subway in Korea.  She had a little dog, and it pooped on the train.  She didn’t clean it up.  A passenger snapped a digital picture of the rude woman and posted it on the Internet.  Across the blogosphere in Korea, the woman was written about and scolded; she became known as the "dog shit girl."  At Balkinization, while I was on leave from PrawfsBlawg, I wrote about the troubling implications of this form of mob justice in cyberspace.  Kaimi Wegner and Marcy Peek also wrote very interesting posts about it here at PrawfsBlawg.   

The other day, after being interviewed by Jonathan Krim at the Washington Post on another privacy story, we got to talking about blogging.   I told him about the dog poop girl story and sent him a link to my blog post.  And today, he wrote a Washington Post article about it.  Usually stories begin in the mainstream media and are then blogged about, but the direction is beginning to run both ways, as this mainstream media story was inspired by a blog post.  Anyway, I think it’s really neat. 

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Props. Though a link to your post would have generated some nice traffic, and thus was a sad omission.

Posted by: Mike | Jul 7, 2005 4:23:13 PM

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