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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

And now a laugh at Choicepoint's expense

After the recent ChoicePoint security breach in which  Choicepoint handed over personal data on 145,000 Americans to thieves posing as legitimate companies, Choicepoint hired Carol A. DiBattiste (a former Transportation Security Administration bigwig) as its Chief Credentialing, Compliance and Privacy Officer. 

In a recent article, DiBattiste was quoted as saying that the company has apologized for handing over the records of 145,000 to crooks, but that “no mistakes were made” and that she has been told that no employees contributed to what happened.   

What?   If Choicepoint’s employees handed over records on 145,000 people to thieves, clearly someone in the company made a mistake. 

But to DiBattiste, mistake is apparently a narrow, hard-to-pin down concept.   She told the reporter, “Mistakes to me is a culpability kind of term.    I have seen sound practices that I’m looking on improving.”

The article went on to say that Choicepoint “has declined to say how much DiBattiste is being paid for her service,” but a recent Form 8-K filed with the SEC   discloses that DiBattiste is being paid “a weekly minimum base salary of $9,615.38” (emphasis added) and a $100,000 signing bonus.   

For that kind of money, DiBattiste ought to be able to step up and admit the obvious -- that someone in the company made a mistake.    Or perhaps they hired her precisely for her ability to engage in doublespeak.

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I love ChoicePoint. They really are providing a lot of value to the country. Maybe when we are back in power we can nationalize them and use their data to persecute Republicans. Otherwise I don't understand the company's utility as a going concern ...

Posted by: Jeff V. | Jul 12, 2005 9:56:40 AM

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