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Monday, June 06, 2005

Hello & Thanks

I'd like to introduce myself and thank Dan for the opportunity to participate in this project - which I believe serves the vital interests of  the pre-botox generation of legal academics.  I feel lucky to be included, as my official transformation to a tenured full professor is imminent.  Althought I had a previous life at the Department of Justice prosecuting price-fixing cases as well as a brief (relatively painless) stint in private practice, I still don't feel like I've crossed that divide.  Feel free to link to my nasty picture and official school bio, but the vitals are that I teach at New England, I focus on evidence (with a strong interest in scientific evidence), criminal procedure (with a recent interest interrogation doctrine), criminal law, and alternative dispute resolution.  I've got two sons, Adam (9) and Nathan (7), who happily devour what was once my "free time," a scientist husband (who comes in very handy when the medical jargon for my "science and law" seminar becomes too dense), and a large black dog of uncertain parentage named Lola.

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