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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Just a quick note of appreciation and thanks to Orly Lobel and Paul Horwitz, who were guest blogging here until recently.   We hope we'll see you back here soon.

I'm pleased to announce that the inimitable Christine Hurt (from Conglomerate blog fame) will be joining us as a guest blogger next week, or perhaps even later this week if there's any time at the Vegas conference, where Orin and Daniel and others will be.  (I have to miss it because of a friend's wedding this weekend in gorgeous Annapolis: woe is me.) 

Additionally Joelle Moreno will be joining us shortly from Boston, where she teaches at New England School of Law;  Joelle will be illuminating various science and the law issues for us.  Finally, Trevor Morrison will join us later this month from Cornell.

Upcoming attractions include Rick Bierschbach from Cardozo.  Stay tuned.

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