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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ranking Bloggers

As if we needed another ranking system, along comes this website, which has categorized bloggers into an A-list, B-list, and C-list.  For example, Eugene Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy is on the B-list.  Other bloggers on the VC don't even make any list (sorry Orin).  And nobody from PrawfsBlawg . . . outrageous!  I searched in vain for some kind of criteria for these lists, but there appears to be none.  The whole thing seems to be a way to drum up interest for a magazine about blogging.    Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) writes: "THIS IS A PARAODY, RIGHT? Please let this be a parody."  Glenn Reynolds, FYI, is an A-lister. 

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The absurdity of a print magazine devoted to bloggers is only beginning to sink in ....

Perhaps this is an odd reflection of our current societal trend to create the meta-level analysis of every phenomenon occurring that could be called celebrity. Blogs are newsworthy, therefor we must deconstruct them in a cult of personality in the print (MSM) media available.

Okay. That was random musings.

Posted by: Joel | May 26, 2005 3:55:12 PM


Sounds like a good topic for a list of rankings: "The top 10 dumbest ranking lists."

Posted by: Kaimi | May 26, 2005 2:04:21 PM

Top X lists are dumb, but that list must be the dumbest.

Posted by: Kate | May 26, 2005 1:52:27 PM

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