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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Jews in Mormon Theology

I'm the token Mormon guest-blogger here at Prawfsblawg and I regularly blog on Mormon topics at Times and Seasons.  One of my co-bloggers at T & S, political scientist Russell Arben Fox, recently posted a discussion of the place of Jews in Mormon theology, which I thought might be of interest to some of our readers here (especially since many Prawfsblawg's readers are Jewish). 

Russell's take is that the Mormon view of Jews is a bit conflicted.  On the one hand, Mormons, like all Christians, believe that faith in Jesus is necessary for eventual salvation.  And Mormon belief could be characterized as quasi-supersessionist in nature -- in general, Mormons believe that God's covenants with Israel have been extended to righteous gentiles who accept the gospel of Jesus Christ (without, however, implying that the covenant was revoked with Israel, which would correspond to the stronger supersessionist beliefs held by some Christian groups). 

On the other hand, Mormon prophets and Mormon scriptures emphasize the importance of the Jewish people in God's plan.  And Mormon beliefs are quite Zionist in nature, emphasizing that God will bring the Jews back to the Holy Land.  Mormon leader Orson Hyde was sent to the Holy Land, soon after the church was formed, to offer prayers to dedicate the land for the gathering of the Jews; and many Mormons believe that the creation of the state of Israel is in accordance with God's plans.  Thus, the Jews hold a special place in Mormon belief.

I won't do further violence to Russell's lengthy post by further summarizing and editorializing it here.  But I do recommend his post, which goes into further detail on many of the topics I've briefly mentioned.

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