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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Should Observant Jews Oppose Gay Marriage?

Even those who might have religious arguments against the practice of homosexuality should consider this article before making their mind up.  It's quite good.  I wonder whether those from other faiths might reach a similar conclusion as Mr. Levin, the author of the shrewd piece in the Jewish Week.

Notwithstanding the argument there, this story from last week about the unification of religious figures in Jerusalem against the presence of gays does not lend hope.  Indeed one would hope that there would be other issues the clergy could unite on: feeding the hungry, giving care to the sick.

I think it's important to recognize that, even according to the NYT article, there are religious leaders from a variety of faiths who have denounced this spectacle of bigotry, and they are not without their minions and minyans. Thus to state, as some might be tempted to, that religion is bound up with bigotry, I think misses the palette of views available. The real (Jewish) question, to my mind, is whether there will be Orthodox rabbis willing to expend some moral capital to criticize the tenor of the comments and vitriol spewed by some of these other "leaders."  Please email me if you know any: their courage and decency requires light.  The schisms in the NYT article are not only across denominational lines, but also within them, and there should be some reflection of the heterodoxy on homosexuality.

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