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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Raw Law Prof Blogging=PrawfsBlawg

My gmail account (dan.markel) has been funny the last few hours.  I can't seem to send any (more?) messages than the ones I sent out earlier to most of my contacts in my address book.   I wonder if Gmail thinks you're a spammer if you send out too many emails in a day. 

In any event, many thanks to Instapundit, Althouse, Volokh, and Crimprof for linking here and/or blogrolling us (Ideoblog).  If there's any I've missed out, please drop a line. 

A few folks have already written back with appreciation that there will be a center-left voice in the group blog world.  It looks like we'll have some good visitors and permanent contributors lined up.  Althouse has the most insightful interpretation of our innate nature here.

I'm hoping to figure out some more of Typepad's quirks over the next few days too.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

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