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Friday, April 08, 2005

An exhilarating first two days!

Thousands of visitors!! Come, hang around, drink scotch and bubble tea with us.

A few personal reactions. First, comments have been much better than I expected: none of the crap, or little of it at least, that I had been warned about.  So I’m glad I was proved wrong.  There's some concern that we might end up with spam in the comments; I understand that's happened to my man Kaimi at www.tutissima.com, which is why they closed comments down. It appears that K, N and Chad took a break but they're back now. Perhaps they'll end up throwing some bones in this blog too, if our imperial ambitious are eventually realized. They would provide some more balance to the center-left mush Leib and I sometimes push.

Second, blogging is incredibly rewarding, but we have to pace ourselves for the long haul.  I think it gets faster as we get better.  There seems to be a risk of blogger burnout to consider.

Third, it’s clear that on the tech side, we’re screwing all sorts of things up so far, or at least not optimizing our form and format, but I’m optimistic that we’ll address some of the issues soon. 

Fourth, blawging about things that students care about (grades, jobs, admissions, hiring) is popular because students are surfing the web in their classes too much!

What am I missing??  Reactions generally?

Please note blogging may be slow to non-existent over the weekends.  Or more thoughtful!  But no promises.

Bon weekend.


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more site related stuff, really - perhaps allowing HTML in comments so readers can leave links and use italics and underline and bold and the stuff - otherwise, good read for a new blog!

Posted by: Gideon | Apr 8, 2005 6:45:13 PM

I'm not convinced we're center-left, Dan. You are more center than left. And with me impugning a woman's right to choose, I've infuriated and alienated lefties--never mind that I'm more pro-abortion than I am pro-choice.

So we've got work to do.

Posted by: Ethan Leib | Apr 8, 2005 6:03:06 PM

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