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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Welcome to PrawfsBlawg! 

The long-term mission here is to mimic the format and the success of the Volokh Conspiracy. But with at least one twist: first, there will probably be more (or only) center-left commentary.  Doesn't that make it seem like Crooked Timber or Balkinization or Left2Right? Sort of, but this blawg will mostly be by law people, and mostly quite junior, including some who might not even be prawfs yet.

Let me say something briefly about myself, as blogger-ab-initio. I am currently a lawyer in DC, about to start teaching in a couple months at Florida State University College of Law, which is located in Sweet Sassy Tallahassee, aka Funky T-town.  I write mostly in the area of criminal law and the philosophy of punishment, but I have opinions on myriad issues, though not too many in a Cliff Claven kind of way.  Others who may join this blog are legal academic "types" though they may choose to write under pseudonyms too. 

Please see the policies section on the About page if you have questions about comments or emails, etc.

So here it is. Bookmark it.  Come back regularly.  Things will be exciting here.

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