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Just some friends trying to get the arguments right.


PrawfsBlawg (aka is a blog about a variety of topics related to law and life, which is operated by PrawfsBlawg LLC, a limited liability corporation based in Florida.

Dan teaches at Florida State University College of Law, which is located in Sweet Sassy Tallahassee, aka Funky T-town. He writes mostly in the area of criminal law and the philosophy of punishment.

Ethan is in San Francisco, where he teaches at Hastings. His specialty is the theory and practice of deliberative democracy. His book, Deliberative Democracy In America, is out in paperback. Buy it at Amazon for friends and lovers.

Paul Horwitz teaches law at the University of Alabama.

Matt Bodie teaches law at St. Louis University.

Steve Vladeck teaches law at American University.

Rick Garnett teaches law at Notre Dame.

Orly Lobel teaches law at the University of San Diego.

Rick Hills teaches law at New York University.

Howard Wasserman teaches law at Florida International University.


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