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Friday, September 08, 2017

Bard signing in-some thoughts on how hurricanes can disrupt preventive care

Hello from the  Happy Valley where it is my honor to be spending the year at Penn State Law and Penn State Medical as a visiting professor.

Thank you so much to Howard and the Prawfsblawg team for inviting me back--and in such good company.  I think I said this last year as well, but it truly is a tribute to the strength of what Dan Markel started that we are all still here.  I hope Prawfsblawg remains a place where people in legal academe can talk to each-other about the things that we are thinking about/working on.

I will be wearing my public health hat as we move forward into another weekend of catastrophic disruption from another "once in a 1000 year storm."   I think everyone is well aware of the health hazards that come from massive disruption of the infra-structure intended to keep us safe from the biggest threat to public health--contaminated drinking water.  There are other less obvious serious consequences that only emerge later--like an increase in stillbirths.

Something of particular concern to me in this cycle though is the disruption to the routine interventions that keep people healthy--everything from disruptions in childhood immunizations, exercise routines, and access to fruit, vegetables, and other good food choices to more immediately serious disruptions in closely monitored drug regimes, wound care, and medical implants.

All evidence from the Southern Hemisphere suggests that this year's flu season will be a tough one

The vaccine is available now--there would be serious ripple effects if large numbers of people don't get it because of Hurricane induced disruptions.

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