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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Trump Sunlight Campaign

Now on GoFundMe (gotta love the picture of Justice Brandeis), to raise money to cover the legal fees and judgment for anyone leaking Apprentice footage showing Trump making further sexist, racist, etc. statements. Producers and staffers on the show signed non-disclosure agreements, apparently with a liquidated damages clause of $ 5 million for breach (any guesses on whether that might be deemed unconscionable?). Apprentice Exec Produce Mark Burnett, who is a Trump supporter, has vowed to sue anyone who leaks footage.

During the Kim Davis insanity in Kentucky, people attempted a similar campaign to pay Davis's contempt fines; the site shut it down, given the obvious moral hazard concerns. It will be interesting to see what GoFundMe does with this one, as raising money to pay someone's legal judgment would seem to raise the same moral-hazard concerns. (The likelihood political-viewpoint bias here is high). It might be different if the campaign was only to pay attorney's fees and costs or to provide a bounty for the leaker. But that would not make a difference as an incentive--the disincentive is not the cost of the lawsuit, it is the judgment at the end.

Anyway, the site had raised a little under $ 2000 in two hours. So I do not expect this to be a big money-maker or game-changer.

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The year before I became an academic, I was a challenge producer on seasons 2 and 3 of THE APPRENTICE. (Our team designed the challenges the contestants faced each week.) My contract contained a $10 million liquidated damages clause, not $5 million.

Posted by: Kevin Jon Heller | Oct 9, 2016 8:24:38 PM

Kevin, I hope you have exercised your right and are sending in an overseas ballot for Trump. When he is elected, I hope you will rejoin us Stateside as we regain our footing.

Posted by: Vote Trump | Oct 10, 2016 7:38:09 AM

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