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Monday, April 06, 2015

Collins on Prawfs' Anniversary

The following is by Jennifer Collins, Dean at SMU, formerly at Wake Forest, Dan's (and Ethan's) co-author, and among the first Prawfs contributors.

Happy anniversary, Prawfsblawg!  It seems impossible that ten years have passed, and even more impossible that we are celebrating this anniversary in the absence of our dear friend and founder, Dan Markel.  Somehow Dan managed to rope me into being one of the early guest bloggers on Prawfs, in large part because it was simply impossible to say no to him.  I will confess I was not very enthusiastic about blogging at the time – I was pre-tenure, living in a new city, juggling three young kids, and frankly afraid to put any posts out into this new medium that were not carefully crafted and exhaustively reworked.  But Dan made me brave, and for that I am profoundly grateful.   He was forever bursting with ideas and so eager to engage them, and he helped me realize that it was more important to be part of the conversation than to hang back and wait until every post or article was perfectly polished before jumping in.  Dan was a connector, a thought-provoker, an indefatigable source of energy and ideas.  The privilege of working with Dan and Ethan Leib for so many years on our project on criminal justice and the family will forever be one of the great joys of my professional life.   We certainly did not always agree during those many hours of working on our articles and on our book, but Dan always made the disagreements fun.  Indeed, he approached every facet of his life with generosity, creativity and joy, from being a parent to being a blogger to being a professor.  As so many of us do, I miss him terribly.  As Dan would have said, happy bam-bizzle, Prawfs-swizzle!

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