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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Hiring Committees 2014-2015

Please share in the comments the following information related to the 2014-2015 law school faculty hiring season:

(a) your school;
(b) the chair of your hiring committee (please note if you have different chairs for entry level and lateral candidates--we hope that this information will be useful for both entry level and lateral candidates);
(c) other members of your hiring committee (again, please note if there is a distinction between entry level and lateral committees); and
(d) any particular subject areas in which your school is looking to hire.

Additionally, if you would like to share the following information, candidates might find it helpful to know:

(e) your committee's feeling about packets/individualized expressions of interest (affirmatively want to receive them, affirmatively don't want to receive them, or don't care one way or the other); 
(f) your committee's preferred way to be contacted (email, snail-mail, or phone); and/or
(g) the number of available faculty positions at your school.

I will gather all this information in a downloadable, sortable spreadsheet. (Click on that link to access the spreadsheet and download it; you can also scroll through the embedded version below.)

You can't make changes to the spreadsheet directly, so please post the information in the comments, or email me directly, slawsky *at* law *dot* uci *dot* edu.

Additionally, in 2011, someone very kindly submitted a spreadsheet of addresses of a subset of law schools, if folks want to create their own mail-merge. You can download it here. (If anyone wants to update or expand it and send me a new version, that would be awesome.)

Originally posted: July 1, 2014. I will bump this post periodically.

Posted by Sarah Lawsky on July 1, 2014 at 09:00 AM in Getting a Job on the Law Teaching Market | Permalink


Pace Law School is hoping to hire at least one entry level faculty member with a strong interest in Environmental Law, with additional hires in a range of subject areas possible. I am the Appointments Committee Chair. I have a strong preference for communication by e-mail.

Posted by: Ann Bartow | Jul 1, 2014 5:55:43 PM

Brooklyn Law School has two appointments committees.

The Entry Level Committee is chaired by David Reiss. The other members are Brad Borden, Robin Effron, Maryellen Fullerton, Cynthia Godsoe and Minor Myers.

The Laterals Committee is chaired by Bennett Capers. The other members are Anita Bernstein, Ted Janger, Rebecca Kysar and Nelson Tebbe.

Other information to follow.

Posted by: David Reiss | Jul 2, 2014 2:24:51 AM

Jae Lee is the Chair at Fordham.

Areas of search are to be determined, but we will likely be looking closely (though not exclusively) at scholars (both entry level and lateral) working in the area of international economic law (esp. international trade).

E-mail is strongly preferred (for expressions of interest, CV, representative publication or work in progress (if available), research agenda (if available)). Recommendation letters (by e-mail) are helpful, too. Paper packets are okay, but are discouraged as filesharing with the committee is cumbersome in that format.

Posted by: Jae Lee | Jul 8, 2014 6:50:40 AM

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LAW has openings for two experienced faculty for full-time, tenured or tenure-track positions. Senior faculty candidates may be eligible for a Named Professorship. We are especially interested in individuals whose scholarship focuses on business, environmental, land use, commercial, health and/or estates and trusts, but we invite applications from scholars in other fields as well. Candidates must demonstrate distinction or promise in both legal scholarship and law teaching. If interested, please send a current vita to Professor David Markell, Appointments Committee Chair, Florida State University College of Law, Tallahassee, FL 32306-1601 (email: dmarkell@law.fsu.edu).

Posted by: David Markell | Jul 8, 2014 2:38:22 PM

University of Oklahoma plans to hire up to two faculty candidates this year for tenure‐track positions or tenured positions at the ranks of Assistant, Associate or full Professor. We have particular curricular needs in Administrative Law, Professional Responsibility and Civil Procedure, but, of course always consider highly qualified applicants regardless of field. We have only one committee; I am chair and other members include Steve Cleveland and Megan Shaner. Email is my preference for receiving inquiries or packets, which are welcome.

Posted by: Mary Sue Backus | Jul 8, 2014 2:41:35 PM


Adam Chodorow is the Chair. Other committee members are: Dan Bodansky, Mary Sigler, Zachary Gubler, Rhett Larson and Sue Chesler. ASU plans to hire up to two candidates for tenured or tenure-track positions. We have needs in a variety of areas but would be especially interested in Criminal Law, Procedure, and Constitutional Law.

We will review the FAR forms for entry level candidates. Please do not contact us directly. Interested laterals should contact Adam Chodorow at adam.chodorow@asu.edu and include a CV.

Posted by: Adam Chodorow | Jul 10, 2014 12:40:44 PM

CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW may, depending on a number of factors, be looking to hire at least one faculty member. Although things are tentative right now, if we do hire, we are likely to have particular interest in candidates with a background/interest in commercial law.

We have a unified committee, of which I am the chair. The other members are Tuneen Chisolm, Melissa Essary, Woody Woodruff, and Tim Zinnecker. I welcome expressions of interest and application packets, with a strong preference for e-mail.

Posted by: Mike Kent | Jul 15, 2014 9:11:13 AM

School: Houston
Type of Committee: Unified
Chair: Joseph Sanders
Committee Members: Bruhl, Duncan, Roberts, Ragazzo
Areas Of interest: (leave blank for now)

Posted by: Joseph Sanders | Jul 16, 2014 4:25:37 PM

Arkansas appears to be hiring:


Posted by: Anon | Jul 23, 2014 2:33:11 PM

DEPAUL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LAW has openings for up to three faculty positions, and will consider both entry-level and lateral candidates. We are particularly interested in candidates whose scholarship and teaching focuses on criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, health law and family law, but will consider outstanding candidates in all fields. Committee members include: Susan Bandes (Chair), Zoë Robinson, and Monu Bedi. Inquiries should be sent via email to Professor Susan Bandes at sbandes@depaul.edu

Posted by: Susan Bandes | Jul 23, 2014 6:04:52 PM

University of Baltimore:

Fred Brown (chair), Gilda Daniels, Greg Dolin, William Hubbard, Margaret Johnson, Natalie Ram, Barbara White. (A student member will be named at a later date).

Areas: TBD

Posted by: Greg Dolin | Jul 24, 2014 12:31:46 PM

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