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Monday, July 01, 2013

Blackmun bobblehead news and Sherry micro-symp reminder

Blackmun Trophy sm copy

The Judicial Bobblehead

Soon — meaning sometime in the next week or two — some prawfs will receive a certificate from the Green Bag that might be redeemable (at the DC office of O’Melveny & Myers LLP) for a Justice Harry A. Blackmun bobblehead doll. In an effort to avoid answering the same question 1,000 times, we have included this statement on the certificate, and make it here (where it is more likely to be read) as well: “[Y]es, it is true that we originally produced the Justice Blackmun bobbleheads with an eye to making them available only to winners in our FantasyLaw game. But with FantasyLaw on hiatus — and with plans for different kinds of recognition when we re-start it — now seemed liked a good time to stop (at least for now) frustrating bobblehead enthusiasts who are not FantasyLaw enthusiasts or experts.” If you do end up with one of the Justice Blackmun dolls, be warned: (1) the baseball pictured with the doll is not included (the idea is that the doll can display you own favorite baseball or golf ball — there is a hole in the base that can accommodate a golf tee); and (2) the included baseball bat (a tiny Louisville Slugger legitimately licensed by the nice people at Hillerich & Bradsby) connects to the doll via magnets concealed in the Justice’s elbow and the bat’s handle, making it easy to lose (and probably impossible to replace).

The Judicial Activism

For those of you with judicial activism (or restraint) on the brain just now, the Green Bag’s upcoming micro-symposium on Suzanna Sherry’s “Why We Need More Judicial Activism” might be a good place to speak your mind. If you have 500 or so interesting words to say about what Professor Sherry has to say, please send them to editors@greenbag.org by July 4 (not the June 1 on the original CFP).

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Minutes after reading this post, I received a huge envelope from O'Melveny in my mailbox. I was ecstatic. I opened the envelope. It was a bill reminding me to renew by Green Bag subscription. I was dejected. #GreenBagProblems

Posted by: Josh Blackman | Jul 1, 2013 5:47:06 PM

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