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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Off the Rails?!

This contribution to Slate probably made Brian Leiter's heart go pitter-patter, if not argle-bargle. Specifically, Eric Posner, in response to the week's action at SCOTUS, writes:

"The conservative justices really are very, very conservative. I had up until now pooh-poohed liberal constitutional law professors and journalists who argued that the court had gone off the rails. Mea culpa."

Posner fils, for the win.


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I don't get the attempt by Posner to distinguish "libertarian" from "right-wing." It would be like trying to distinguish "anarchist" from "left wing" (and so-called 'left-libertarians' are effectively in the anarchist tradition). Libertarianism is one of the political ideologies on the Right, plain and simple. Of course there are conservatives who do not identify with libertarianism as such, but that does not change things any more than the fact that on the Left there are Marxists who don't identify with some anarchist sentiments.

Posted by: Patrick S. O'Donnell | Jun 27, 2013 7:37:55 PM

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