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Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting Stuff Done

250px-Galileo.arp.300pixI'm settling into my summer routine (no, Mom, I don't "have summers off").  I came up to Michigan a couple weeks ahead of my wife, so the fact that I'm here by myself means, on one hand, there are no distractions except the dogs but, on the other, the only conscious being who is able to get me going is me.  Whether or not any of it is any good, I've managed to churn out a lot of writing since 2004, and I can give a first-hand real time report on fighting inertia (that's Galileo, not me, in the picture).  I'll do it in the form of several things that work for me, but YMMV:

1.  View every day as a work day.

2.  Block out a regular time for writing during the day that is congenial to your particular body clock.  Mine happens to be early in the morning.  The dogs get me up, I let them out, feed them, let them out again, put on the coffee, check the email, and open up a document.

3.  Just write.  At this stage, written sucky stuff is better than unwritten sucky stuff.  I have less of a word count goal (if I did, it would be 500-1,000 at a sitting) than an intuitive sense that I made some progress.  And when I say just write, I mean go with the flow or make a flow if one isn't there.  I find that if I simply re-read what I've already written, I see changes I want to make, and once I start making them, I'm back into the flow.  

4.  Using the creative juices (per #1 and #2) is tiring.  I intersperse writing sessions with things that aren't quite as much fun, but need to get done.  For me this summer, this is:

    - Converting all of my six-credit contract class materials (notes, Power Point diagrams, clicker questions, class outlines, syllabi) to a five-credit format in anticipation of our curriculum change taking effect in the fall.

    - Doing the teachers' guide for the new edition of our casebook (Ribstein, Lipshaw, Miller, and Fershee, Unincorporated Business Entities, 5th ed., LexisNexis).

    - Other routine things like posting first class assignments for the fall, updating upper level courses for new developments, etc.

5. I make a list of books and articles to read.  I find that reading is something I can do with the least expenditure of energy.

Oh, and do a blog post or two.

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