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Monday, April 01, 2013

Rotations and Anniversary

Happy April 1st.

The new month brings us new guests, and this month I'm excited to welcome back a band of veterans: Michael Risch (Villanova); Adam Kolber (Brooklyn); Andy Spalding (Richmond); Geoff Rapp (Toledo); and Chad Oldfather (Marquette). In the meantime, please join me in thanking our March friends, some of whom will be lingering as they get a few remaining posts off their desk.

I hope everyone has had a happy spring break, Passover, Easter, or otherwise appropriate transitional holiday.

I'm also thrilled to note that this week marks the onset of the 8th Anniversary of PrawfsBlawg, aka prawfs.com.  Sheee--it, well, how did that happen? Well, it couldn't have happened without the fantastic contributions of the permaprawfs, the guests, and the commenters who make this space a special blend of challenging and inviting, at least most of the time :-)  Thanks for playing along with us.



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