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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Hello Again...

...it's good to be here, and I'm glad to be back. I plan to blog about a few different IP/Internet topics this month, including the CFAA and some recent copyright cases.

I'm traveling this week, so likely won't jump in for a couple days. In the meantime, a few plugs.

Here are some links to recent blog posts I've written that might be of interest to readers here:

My thoughts on the SHIELD Act (one way fee shifting against patent trolls)

My Wired Op-Ed on NPEs

I'm also speaking at two events in April, including this Friday. Please come if you can make it! (You have to register for the design patent conference.)

April 5-6: Stanford - Design Patents in the Modern World Conference

April 16: Yale ISP  - Patent-Assertion Entities: Promoting or Stifling Innovation?


Finally, I've finally joined twitter:


That's it for the shameless self promotion for now. I look forward to the rest of the month.

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