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Friday, February 01, 2013

Introducing myself

Thanks to Dan Markel and the PrawfsBlawg team for inviting me to participate as a guest blogger this month.  I have a few areas of interest—low-level courts, policing (including some contrasts between liberal and civic republican approaches to regulating the police) and what I’ll call resisting doctrinal elitism—that I’ll discuss over the course of the coming month.  In particular, I’ll talk a wee bit about how little we know about what goes on in low-level courts and why that’s a problem for the law, for the public, and for our students.  But getting inside low-level courts—metaphorically and literally—is often hard work.  So I’ll also talk a little bit about some of the folks—in practice, policy, and the academy—who are doing a fantastic job of opening the doors of low-level courts (and in particular, given my interests, criminal courts and problem-solving courts) to the public and the legal academy.

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