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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Dachau Puzzle

Triggered by Howard's post on the Dachau puzzle, I'll share this somewhat oblique reaction after my first--and frankly hope only--visit to the Dachau memorial camp recently (posted earlier to my elite FB network).  The power of visiting the site (including its crematoria) is formidable; I won't attempt to describe it.  But I was struck also by the fact that Dachau remains the name of the lovely, still thriving little town in which the camp was located.  "Dachau" strikes me, as an American, as synonymous with "concentration camp."  Yet ordinary people go through life saying, in effect, "I'm from Dachau."  Perhaps more striking, a street of nice-looking, seemingly upper-middle class houses have small back yards that border the camp property, with second-story windows look out over the (perhaps) 8-foot fence into the camp site.  They didn't strike me as low-rent properties of people with few economic choices, though one assumes the view must surely be factored disfavorably into the property value.

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