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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prominent Law School Rejects

As a variation of Howard's, and Michael Madison's, posts on famous law school drop outs, it's surely possible to put together a list of accomplished notables who never got the chance to drop out because their applications to law school were rejected. George W. Bush, for example, was rejected from University of Texas law school (and had to settle for Harvard Business School).  The list of women and African Americans who were rejected in the era of racial and gender barriers is an obvious source; Thurgood Marshall, rejected from University of Maryland law school (but admitted to Howard), comes to mind.  The more interesting half of such list might be those who went on to prominent careers in law despite law school rejection.  The late Harvard Law School Professor Bill Stuntz used to acknowledge that his first application to University of Virginia Law School was rejected (which he joked with characteristic if absurd modesty signaled the school's wise judgment).

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Thurgood Marshall was NOT rejected by Maryland. He never applied. But he did, as a practicing attorney, successfully sue on behalf of Donald Gaines Murray to integrate the school. You can learn more on a visit to the Thurgood Marshall Law Library at the University of Maryland law school.

Posted by: Jeffrey Raymond | Oct 26, 2012 10:36:21 AM

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