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Friday, March 23, 2012

Religious Freedom and (and in) Institutions

Here is a short chapter, called "Religious Freedom and (and in) Institutions," which I contributed to a just-published volume, Challenges to Religious Liberty in the Twenty-First Century" (Cambridge 2012), edited by my colleague Gerard Bradley:

This paper is a contribution to a volume of essays dealing with a range of contemporary challenges – challenges posed by new questions, and by new forces -- to religious liberty. It considers the role that religious communities, groups, and associations play – and the role that they should they play – in our thinking and conversations about religious freedom and church-state relations. And, its primary claim is that the values and goods that the First Amendment’s Religion Clauses embody and protect are well served by a civil-society landscape that is thick with churches (and mediating institutions and associations of all kinds) and by legal rules that reflect their importance. These institutions contribute in distinctive ways to the reality of religious freedom under law.

Much more interesting is the fact that Kent Greenawalt and Steven Smith also contributed chapters.  Check it out!

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