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Monday, November 14, 2011

Status Update re: CrimProf Gathering at LSA Hawaii 2012

As I've mentioned before in this space, Carissa Hessick and I are trying to play matchmaker for crimprofs who are planning on attending the Law and Society conference in Hawaii in June 2012. If you're interested in participating but still haven't contacted us, or if you are interested and already have contacted us, then look after the jump for a status update.

Greetings everyone.

Carissa and I are pleased to say that we've now got about 30 people interested in presenting papers at LSA 2012 in Hawaii (info below) and so we should have at least seven paper panels, and possibly a couple roundtables that might emerge too.
Here's the status update:
Most of the panels have people with both overlapping subject area for papers and overlapping expertise. There are a couple other panels where everyone has overlapping expertise even if not every panelist is presenting on exactly the same sub-specialized topic.  We did our best to ensure that you would at least have good readers on your panels even if they were not writing a paper on the exact same subject. 
That said, we have a couple people who are as yet unmatched (panels require 4 papers) and we have probably one panel that might seem a little more tenuously connected than we would prefer. :-)
So, if there are any other folks who would like to present on criminal justice related issues at this conference, please let us know asap. We have some folks interested in corporate crime and crim-igration that we'd like to match up too if we could, and we might switch some of the folks around depending on our sense of best fit.
FYI, we currently have :
2 crim pro policing and punishment panels 
1 crim pro pretrial panel,
1 crim pro right to counsel
1 punishment theory
1 sex, crime and punishment
1 panel on the evolution and transformation of criminal justice institutions (the aforementioned but nonetheless interesting hodgepodge)
Accordingly: if you've not told us you're interested, we might still be able to accommodate you. Let us know asap please!
danny and carissa.


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